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Main category: Conservation Projects

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Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Amazon Jungle
Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Amazon Jungle
NGO Taxi
Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Rainforest, Wildlife)
Year round, starting on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
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24/7 in-country support.
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Help protect endangered animal species and the irreplacable biosphere of the Amazon Rainforest!

This project aims to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife affected by deforestation and illegal animal trafficking. The animals are rehabilitated with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat. If this is not possible, they are kept safe and cared for at the shelter. We also work to strengthen the bond between the environment and surrounding communities through education about the dangers of animal trafficking.

Typical project work includes:

  • Monitor health and general well-being of animals at the shelter.
  • Prepare natural habitat areas for the animals; construction, planting, and path-clearing. 
  • Assist with the construction of different structures, work in the garden, and help keep the shelter clean. 
  • Act as a guide for shelter visitors; tell them about the animals and explain the project's objectives.
  • Collect and maintain data on animal numbers. 
  • Perform bookkeeping tasks regarding donations made to the project and micro-finance initiatives, and research fundraising opportunities. 
  • Provide educational opportunities to help the local community learn about the rescue and preservation of endangered species.
  • Project monitoring and reporting.

Join us for a life-changing experience that will immerse you in the amazing Amazon Rainforest, where you will vastly improve your Spanish skills, live in the breathtaking jungle landscape, and work with indigenous peoples like the Harakmbut.