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Company: Concordia
Category: Conservation Projects (Building Restoration, Conservation projects)
Location(s): Germany


The community of Schwanfeld is the oldest village in Germany. Some years back, proof was found of a former Bandkeramik (Linear Pottery Culture) settlement outside of the present village from presumably 5500 B.C. WORK: A variety of tasks awaits you! First, you will help out in the local museums (cleaning and restoration). Depending on the weather, ...more details

Company: Concordia
Category: Conservation Projects (Building Restoration)
Location(s): Turkey


A unique construction technique of the area makes Akseki world famous. Long timbers among dry stones make the houses stronger. Villages around Akseki town are full of such houses. An old caravan road ties up the villages Work: Volunteers will clear the scrub and bushes on paths. Way marking, route-clearing, garbage-collection along the walking ...more details

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