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Company: BUNAC
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Community development, Marketing & media, Tourism)
Location(s): Australia


GO ULTIMATE AUSTRALIA WITH BUNAC! From a fun-filled seven day activity week, to a year's job finding-support and social activities, this is so much more than a starter-pack - it's an adreneline rushed adventure that never stops! WHAT YOU GET Airport pick-up and hotel transfer Fun-filled ACTIVITY WEEK, including pub crawls, city tours, ...more details

Company: BUNAC
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Marketing & media, Tourism, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): New Zealand


New Zealand has got it all; a destination for adrenaline junkies and aspiring adventurers alike in the vast gorgeous landscapes of the Southern Hemisphere. BUNAC's Work New Zealand ULTIMATE package will spring your working holiday down under to life, make you great friends to start your journey with and get you enjoying every moment of life in the ...more details

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