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Company: BUNAC
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Tourism, Agricultural, Wildlife)
Location(s): Australia


Thinking about heading to Australia? We don’t blame you. With its amazing surfing, vibrant cities, tropical rainforests and relaxed living, it’s easy to understand why Australia is one of the worlds most popular backpacker destinations. At BUNAC we have three different working holiday programmes for you to choose from. For those that ...more details

Company: Concordia
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Agricultural)
Location(s): Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic ....more


Concordia offers each year the opportunity to join more than 1500 short and medium term volunteer projects worldwide. Agricultural Projects. You will share a fantastic experience with a team of international volunteers from all over the world who you will live and work with! You might join a local co-operative for the harvesting season or be ...more details

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