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Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Teaching English, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): Belize, Costa Rica, Fiji, Madagascar, Spain, Tanzania


If your New Year's resolution is to get involved with a conservation or community project, or if you just want to get away from the cold weather and experience the lifestyle of a jungle or beach research camp, there's never been a better time! Frontier is able to offer placements on many of our most popular group projects with a huge 30% discount ...more details

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Community development, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Thailand, Vietnam


Spend 30 weeks or more experiencing the ultimate fantasy gap year, visiting 11 countries on 3 continents. Combine an amazing worldwide journey in the company of a group of young Frontier travellers while volunteering on teaching or conservation projects en route. Spend your days visiting cultural hotspots such as temples, museums or ancient ruins ...more details

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Watersports & diving, Wildlife)
Location(s): Tanzania


Tanzania's coast is home to some of the most spectacular diving in the world. The crystal clear waters host a wealth of marine habitats and wildlife, making this a perfect location to scuba dive and explore this pristine and magical underwater world. The vivid, multi-hued coral reefs support a dazzling array of tropical reef fish and provide rich ...more details

Company: BUNAC
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Marketing & media, Tourism, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): New Zealand


New Zealand has got it all; a destination for adrenaline junkies and aspiring adventurers alike in the vast gorgeous landscapes of the Southern Hemisphere. BUNAC's Work New Zealand ULTIMATE package will spring your working holiday down under to life, make you great friends to start your journey with and get you enjoying every moment of life in the ...more details

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