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Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Community development, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Thailand, Vietnam


Spend 30 weeks or more experiencing the ultimate fantasy gap year, visiting 11 countries on 3 continents. Combine an amazing worldwide journey in the company of a group of young Frontier travellers while volunteering on teaching or conservation projects en route. Spend your days visiting cultural hotspots such as temples, museums or ancient ruins ...more details

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Teaching English, Watersports & diving, Wildlife)
Location(s): Madagascar


A magical landscape punctuated by the strange, root like forms of beautiful and unearthly baobab trees, forest canopies filled with unknown species and unique creatures such as the minute mouse lemur with its round lamp like eyes, skimming kingfishers catching tiny fish from the limpid forest pools, and the curiously coloured tenrec, amongst ...more details

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Teaching English, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): Fiji


Fiji is renowned for its spectacular beaches and coral reef: a picturesque string of islands floating peacefully in the Pacific Ocean. This is true but as a picture of Fiji it is incomplete. Fiji also has impoverished rural populations who as yet have not been able to capitalise on the booming tourist trade in the country. As a Fiji Adventurer ...more details

Company: Poseidon Dive Centre
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Sports, Tourism, Watersports & diving)
Location(s): Cyprus

Poseidon Dive Centre

This is an internship opportunity in a busy PADI 5* dive centre in sunny Cyprus. Poseidon is the number 1 dive centre in the holiday resort of Protaras, which is 15 mins from Ayia Napa. Do you dream to become a professional diver? Are you passionate about the underwater world? We are looking for a fun, outgoing individual to join our young team ...more details

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